Home Again

Collen left Colorado for Zimbabwe just last week. While we’re excited to see him home he’ll be missed; which means we’ll have to plan his next excursion to the states. We sent him off with a pocket size HD video and still camera; getting that back in the mail in a few weeks will be a Christmas of sorts for us at Just Rite Media. A few days before he left we filmed with him at his Loveland studio; we’ll have a short piece out soon that will be tied together with the footage he’s collecting now.

We’re busy planning an evening of African culture at the Eldorado Arts Center; a fundraiser we hope to pull a few more beneficiaries into. Stay tuned for more information. While Collen won’t be here that night his art and energy will be. For now, check out his show at the Creative Framing Art Gallery in Louisville, CO. His sculptures are living there until early September and are available for purchase. For more information check our our events page.